So I got a job

I got a jarb.  Started work this morning with a deadline tonight.  And I’m still waiting on information I need to login to the hosting provider to replace the website that I built in one day.  Yeah, my first assignment was to redo the company website by end of the day.  Intense.  

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might be getting part time employment

I’m really hoping this comes through, it would come with medical insurance which I really, really need.



long term goal

my long term goal is to be able to afford a place where my dog can run around.


i mean, floating vagina in a hot tub, how great is that.


Happy excited vagina, full of joy and life.


splish splash!


What a night.



"I don't travel to SF unless I get laid or I get paid"

I wish all investor meetings involved that much pussy.  


No, seriously, I took Midnight to visit my friend in San Francisco, he’s got a boat (a Norwegian-built Ice Breaker) that I stayed on last night. Midnight loved running around the top deck on all the astroterf.  My friend and his girlfriend had many drinks with me, then naked hottub and sexy times, like when legs spread and that sweetness comes to greet your face. 


But then another ship mate arrived on top deck.


So she took her clothes off and joined us.


The four of us slept very soundly all sharing the same bed.  With the dog running around chasing the birds off the boat all night.


Midnight didn’t want to leave in the morning.  It was hilarious she just didn’t want to get in the SUV. 


Google Earth image of the boat, you can see the green astro turf:




dolphins rarely have spiders on their nose
What about

What if we declared MindSay as silly hats only?

18+ ?

So, MindSay hasn’t allowed account creation in many years.


There is one surprise bonus, that most everyone is at least 21.


One thought might be to declare MindSay as 18+ content.  


There are pros and cons of doing something like that.


One benefit is that adult writers can feel more free to express themselves without exposing a minor to adult themes.


I don’t have strong feelings.  What do you think?