Happy Hours

I used to host Happy Hours at Hacker Dojo.


I loved the Dojo so much.  I should share a little about this part of my past.


It has been difficult to think about since the loss of the Dojo has been so much to me.  When the Dojo fell apart (it still exists today, you can go in and visit etc, but it is only a shadow of its former self) I basically went into a downward spiral.  I’ve been picking up the peices ever since.


But I’m on a good kick right now and I can deal with a little Dojo history.


One Friday, I decided to make Mojitos for whomever wanted to stick around.  We’d have people come in during business hours and use the WiFi and work, a lot like Starbucks except our coffee is free.  It’s a non profit that survives on member dues.  People that like the place paid a monthly fee to support the space.  But anyone could use it. 


For the first Happy Hour, I think only two people showed up and had drinks.  


I actually don’t remember if I was disappointed or not.  Doesn’t matter.


Repeated the following week, or maybe the week after that, there was a group of 4 people working together that all joined in. 


The next week, the same group plus one or two joined.


I began sending e-mails out on the mailing list.


It grew.  Not fast, but not slowly, either.


Over a year, we had a regular crowd going.  Every Friday, rain or shine.  


It was the most fun I’ve had in my life.  Only compares to motorcycle riding I think.


A typical night would have 40-60 people coming in and out of a really awesome space.  It was a multi-unit warehouse that we had customized.  Oh my god.  It was a bunch of 20-and-30 somethings doing whatever they could because they could.  


I made Mojitos so many times we got sick of them.  Every other week I’d try making a fancy drink … times 30 people.  Then the odd week I’d just buy beer.  Beer and ice.  And chips. 


Our largest happy hour was the 2nd anniversary party.  We had about 600 people in and outside of the newly expand 4-unit warehouse.  One of the units had nothing in it but a bouncy castle, fog machine, and rave lights.  Two of the units were joined together for a massive party with a DJ stand built out on a stage.  And the warehouse doors opened up to the outside, people spilling into the parking lot, drinking and partying (legally).


There were four Mountain View Police cars in the area.  They kept a distance.  There were zero incidents and we never even saw them come out of the cars.  Mutual respect for the win.  But we partied hard.


At one point I remember being half naked, standing on top of the bus (more on this later) pouring wine out of the box into my mouth, spilling onto my face, my bare chest, down my legs and splashing down onto my friend below, while yelling “I AM GOLDEN GOD” (was trying to recreate the scene from ALMOST FAMOUS lol). Wow. Ego..!


Oh, the bus.  Yeah, one happy hour we were super drunk while one of us was browsing craigslist looking for a used car to buy.  She saw a bus for sale for $7000.  It was awesome.  It had a handicap lift!  Like a church shuttle.  


Long story short, we drunkly agree we should buy a bus.  It was suggested by someone that we get seven people to chip in $1000 each.  We were VERY drunk.  I went around the dojo getting 5 others to sign up.  We used a website to collect the funds on the spot.


...and next week 2 of the 7 went out and bought the bus. negotiated it down to $3500 – which meant we had $3500 EXTRA to spend on gas, maintenance, repairs, etc. 


The bus was awesome AS FUCK but sadly no longer exists.  Another story on bus later




Hacker Dojo Happy Hour

Rum and Coke, Tequila Sour

It’s the place With my friends

Hey this song Never ends


Hacker Dojo Happy Hour

Rum and Coke, Tequila Sour

It’s the place With my friends

Hey this song Never ends


Hacker Dojo Happy Hour

Rum and Coke, Tequila Sour

It’s the place With my friends

Hey this song Never ends


We had movie nights, gin tasting nights, halloween parties (plural), LAN parties, knitting circles, sewing circles, circus arts (I taught aerial silks for 2 years!), a motorcycle club (seriously), 3d printing, laser cutting, birthday parties, people met eachother at the Dojo and got married, people moved to Mountain View because Hacker Dojo was there, it became a tourist stop, holy shit.


Hacker Dojo.


Was awesome.


But yeah Happy Hour started with 2 people.  Will never forget.  


I ended up delegating the happy hour to others by the end.  I even wrote up a guide on how to run happy hour:




Here some pictures: (bonus: includes some mostly naked NSFW pics of me! and that’s me on the silks.  wish I looked that good now!)








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Saturday Morning Cartoons

I will be hosting a social gathering on Slack this Saturday morning, 9AM – Noon Pacific time, Noon – 3pm Eastern time.


I will be sharing some of my favorite silly videos, including this one:



Come join me on #general Saturday!  I’ll be eating pop tarts and cereal :D

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Drugs would be more terrifying if they hissed

Drugs would be more terrifying if they hissed.  Bear with me on this one.


Imagine an alternate universe, exactly like this one with all the same people and things in it, except with one exception: illegal drugs – like, all of them – would hiss – all the time.  Like a snake.  Hssssssssss.  On their own.  All the time.  


I imagine the drug problem would be slightly less severe.


Your typical scene:


“Hey man, wanna try some drugs?”


“I dunno man, they are kinda scary, they said drugs are bad in school!”


“C’mon man, drugs are cool”


The drug dealer takes the drugs out of his pocket and holds them in his hand.




“Uh...I’ll pass.”


New thingy! new thingy!

In the great journals of MindSay history, it’d be fair to say that we have tried numerous experiments over time to see what sticks.  Well, I stand before you today with one more fun thing to try.


It’s called SLACK.


It’s like group chat, but has a really outstanding Desktop Apps as well as Android and iPhone apps.  You wanted more stuff on Mobile??? Try this!!


I just got done working on this, so as always, please let me know if there are any bugs :)



MindSay Slack Team Invitation Link (exclusively for MindSay users):












Working on something fun for MindSay!

So…. Monday was the big night and I gave the stand up comedy thing a try at the local Open Mic night :)


My performance was … medium bad?  LOL.  Hey, I did it.  I feel good.  I had good moments and bad moments.  I’m already excited to try again.


And you know what?  For the rest of my days, I will never wonder what it would be like to give a try at doing stand up :)  


It is not the critic that counts.


I might write more about it later, the whole experience makes for a good story, but for now I’m actually busy behind the scenes on a neat little MindSay thing.  It is funny when I have to choose between writing on MindSay, i.e. using the site, and actually working on it and building it.  I <3 MindSay.


Love you all.


Training the dog to distinguish between these two commands continues to be simply hilarious.


Not quite there yet :)


On top, she has started randomly bringing me my shoe, especially when she is hungry or wants something from me.  It is the cutest thing.  

Personal update

Whew, that completes a ton of EC2 automation and server migration for MindSay.  You still may see problems arise as a result of the move – please let me know!  We already found and fixed one hilarious profile mix-up bug.


The good news is this should provide more stable long-term hosting for MindSay.  A whole ton of everything got upgraded. 


With that behind, a bunch happened this week.


On Monday, I went as planned to the local Open Mic night to check it out.  I arrived early to the sign-up process and introduced myself.  They were nice.  My goal was to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and just observe.


There was about 15 musical acts and one comedy act. 


Some good stuff.  Some okay stuff.  One homeless guy singing a country tune about falling off the corporate ladder in silicon valley and sleeping in “motel 22” in reference to the 22 bus line here.  It felt a little like he was telling everyone “fuck you” in a way.  He seemed tense inside as he put on a chill country man exterior.  I could see the tension in his neck and his hands where he grabbed his guitar.


The comedy act was decent enough, but certainly would be a different style from my own.


Anyway, it’s good to have shown face at listen to others perform before asking for my own stage time.  I’m glad I behaved and didn’t heckle or otherwise try to inject my own ego into the night.  Big ears, little mouth … learned that in AA.


Tuesday, however, was a HOT MESS.


I woke up with the sound of a moving truck right outside my patio, I’m used to it, a lot of people move in & out of this centrally located apartment complex and I’m near a convenient place for movers to unload. 


Then I see them pickup a Google Bike and place it in the truck.  I immediately overhear another neighbor call to them, “That isn’t a Google Bike, is it?”


Google Bikes are these bikes that Google has provided to litter the City of Mountain View.  Only Google Employees can ride them (I talked to one homeless guy that says he was arrested riding one).  They are supposed to stay on or near Google property but they end up all over the fucking City.  There is usually one or two littered near our complex.  There is one in the bushes up the hill right now.


Anyway, you aren’t supposed to ride them or borrow them but people do anyways.  But don’t try and fucking steal one.  They are painted so clearly everybody knows when you have stolen one.


They load it into the truck, and right then the guy who is moving shows up.  Timing was delicious.  I confront him.


Without going into details, it was kind of nasty.  The man felt that since he paid someone money for it, he was entitled to the stolen property.  I let him know that he can do whatever he wants, but if he drives off with the bike in back he will have immediate legal trouble since I have his license plate and will report the theft to Mountain View Police.   Doesn’t matter if you bought the bike from someone on Craigslist.


“But you knew it was stolen”


“I didn’t at the time”

“Ah, but you know it is stolen now, and I’m not telling you what to do, but if you drive off with that bike in the back you will be reported.”


Then the movers gave me a hard time.  Sucks.  Never make someone feel bad for standing up for the Right Thing. What am I, “The Man”?  How dare I demand them not steal property!


Anyway, they finally left, leaving the Google Bike next to my patio.  I rode it to the street where Google Security can pick it up. (Someone else can call it in.)


Then I got ready to take Midnight to the vet for her first annual checkup.  Her first vet visit as it were.  I had made an appointment with my old vet, who used to see my kitty cat max.  I printed the forms in advance to be prepared.  And left plenty of time to find the place.


I still stressed about getting lost, and stressed myself into getting lost.  Or just not being able to find the place.  No phone these days so no GPS.


In the car, I had one of those PTSD panic attacks everyone on Tumblr likes to talk about.  I kept imaging them being really upset, I kept cursing, then apologizing to dog to try and keep her chill before the appointment.


I end up being 20 minutes and I apologize profusely.  They end up being pretty upset just as I imagined.


I barely want to write about it.  The doctor gave me shit for not wanting to do unnecessary tests, like, I’m keeping her up to date on vaccines and you just told me she is in perfect health, so don’t make me look like a bad pet owner because I don’t want pay for everything you can think of?  And this $28/month flea pill thing, no thanks.  They do this on purpose, they use your emotions to get you to buy services.  There is no limit to how many tests they COULD do to prevent things.  There is no right or wrong moral choice. 


And I told myself if they asked me to pay for anything unexpectedly, I would go home and research it first and learn if it is worth the cost – especially since I need a follow-up visit in 3 weeks for a vaccine booster. 


Anyway, she is in perfect health, healthy weight, and she totally behaved there.  She was happy and interested in everything happening.  I was able to ask her to lay down and she just laid down on the exam room floor. 


Finally, I’m checking out and my nightmare only gets worse: I have forgotten my wallet.


As soon as I breach this news, they give me the worst looks and start treating me like someone that is trying to rip them off.  They excuse themselves to find the doctor to discuss the matter.  The lady comes back, and takes my folder with Midnight’s medical history.  She says I can have it back when I come back with payment.


Don’t remember the last time I felt publicly humiliated like that.  There were two other customers right there is the small room with tension building, dogs now barking.  I say, “So …. you are going to hold my stuff hostage?”


She says, “Yes … I’m going to … “ looking like she is regretting her word choice, but then needing to probe her confidence, “ yes holding it hostage until you can pay me!”


I just look at her and don’t say a word.


She says, fine, you can take this, and hands me my paperwork.  That’s my personal property.


As I left, I reminded them I’ve been a customer for a decade.  As soon as I got home I called them with my credit card and paid.




I drove to Jack & The Box and get an Oreo shake and almost cried.


I went shopping at Safeway, then home to prepare for my dinner our with the cute boy.  I get to my apartment, and there he is, time had slipped away from me and I’m so late I’m in the middle of doing laundry in my worst possible clothes, sweaty and unshowered, and there boy is all nice clean and dressed fancy.  (I had requested a fancy meal out … fuh.)


It was like all the day’s problems cascaded. 


Dinner out was nice.  Took some time to come down and chill. 


Like, I’ve been trying SO HARD lately and man you sometimes keep getting punches nonetheless. 


More later.


Right now I’m teaching the dog the difference between “go get my hat” and “go get my shoe”.  It is a demonstration in comedy.  Can’t help but laugh as I say, “Get my hat” and she not only grabs the shoe, but grabs the shoe and starts to run around the room 6 times in frustration and jest.  Neighbors must think I’m mad.  Well, I am a bit.

Upgrades complete!

Hello everyone!  First, again must apologize for all the troubles the past month or two.


The server was upgraded – so please let me know if there are still any outstanding issues with error messages from this point forward.


In particular, the profile picture uploader may just work now.


And please let me know if you think it feels faster, slower, or what.  Thanks!