Love this video. Makes me want to dance just like him. Moreso, it makes me want to film that exact video. I wish I had a cameraperson up here in the SF Bay Area. I miss my crew.



MindSay Operations Intern

I am looking to add another person that has the technical know-how to operate MindSay.


This is an unpaid internship; you’d be doing this because of some combination of the following -

  • a shared interest in keeping MindSay running
  • an opportunity to learn 
  • an opportunity to work in a mentor/mentee relationship with someone that will respect you

Wise man say: this is a good idea, if for no other reason, to keep MindSay running should I get hit by a bus.


Required knowledge:

  • Linux system administration
  • MySQL administration (repairing crashed tables, etc)
  • Perl knowledge bonus
  • Amazon AWS knowledge a bonus

E-mail me at firstname.lastname@gmail.com, substituting my actual name :)




I remembered more abuse yesterday.  It's like once I was marked everybody had their turn with me.  Like a giant sign on your forehead saying this person probably won’t tell on you if you abuse them.


This is the second time I'v remember abuse just walking home from downtown Mountain View.  I don't know what triggers, right after crossing the train tracks and waiting for that long light.  Twice now my brain chose that exact time to dump additional memories of, in this case, how camp counselors behaved when they told me to stay in the locker room after the other kids left.


so instead of posting zombie photos I just binge watched walking dead.


so so dark.  love it.  


mood: no

music: yes

Sunday night

Why does it feel like a Sunday night, I don’t get it


Edit: all this talk of burning man made me setup a tent on my patio.



the dog is fucking loving it.  she misses camping so much,


Keeps running in & out – the entrance to the tent lines up nicely with patio door


Zombie photos coming

Since it’s the season … I helped out a friend with his card game, Z, he did a Kickstarter.




I helped out as a photographer .. most of my shots will include a green screen as background .. but with lots of fake blood and gore in the foreground.  stay tuned! happy Zombtomber (?)

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Bitch, where were you when I was walkin?


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