2016 Update
Tags: mindsay
I wanted to let people know what has been going on.
After college, aostrow and my lives went our own ways, and MindSay left to be its own thing since 2010 or so.  We remain on good terms, but on our own projects.  A year or two ago I offered to keep the site running out of my own pocket in exchange for Adam's half of MindSay. Which was agreed upon, and I have been paying the server bills myself since then.
I just didn't have the heart to shut it down.  
Going forward, I wouldn't have much expectation in terms of what will happen with MindSay, but just know I obviously care about the site at least enough to spend at some times $350/month in hosting costs directly from my personal savings.
Anyway.  I'm wondering, what is the BEST part of MindSay?  
What is the worst?  What is the one thing you would want changed if possible?