The making of MindSay, part 3
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with photographs of the MindSay v3 design in progress. We designed most of MindSay's pages on a whiteboard like this. Looking back a couple years, I'm impressed our final site still resembles the original designs somewhat.

First Photo: The Network Page. If you remember the old network page, you should immediately recognize the layout of how friends pictures were placed. I'm guessing the red "F" and "C" in the boxes stand for "Friends" and "Classmates". We knew we wanted to group contacts by friend category. Bravo us.

The red numbers written all over the picture... that's us figuring out how much office space we could afford. Final answer: None, who are we kidding?

I have no clue what all the stuff on the right is. Apparently, we were going to have quizzes on the network page.

This is classic. Design for Inbox, Blog, and ?????

Amazing how close the Inbox (labelled "Home" here) is. We stayed close to the design on that one.

The blog design is pretty straightforward. Not sure why we even drew it. Notice it how it has a navigation bar at the top. We're still planning on adding it :)

The third screen, well, I'm really not sure what to tell you. I actually remember jen labelling the diagrams as Brian/Jen/Adam's - done in mockery over the fact that the third diagram was so ridiculous.

I think someone erased the Network page and drew a smiley face there during conversation to make a point (the home page should make you smile??). Or maybe it really was Adam's intention that our Home page have nothing but a giant, red smiley face. No way to tell.