I worked hard, covered in sweat for hours today laboring on my living room floor.


A month or two ago, the dog started ripping up the carpet.   It was just a phase, and she stopped.  But then the hole began to look like a good place to pee.  So I enlarged the whole, knowing I will need to pay to replace it eventually anyway.  The problem kept getting worse.


So yesterday I did what I had thought about for weeks now.  Ripped up ALL the carpeting in my living room.  Hard work.  Then removing the carpet tacking, like using a hammer to hit a scredriver to wedge under the nail and pull it out of the concrete x 1,000,000 times.


This morning I woke up, and researched options for finishing the concrete flooring.  I had a specific idea in mind.  A dark, stained concrete, yet keeping a very RAW look at same time, then semi-glossed and waterproofed (prevent future pee issues).


I then noticed it had a lot of carpet glue I needed to get up.  This is horrible shit.  I went to home depot (trip #1) to rent a concrete floor grinder and buffer but they didn’t have them at that location, so I drove to United Rentals and they, basically, had a lot of sand up their vagina.  Moving on…


I go back to Home Depot to purchase an angle grinder plus accessories to grind the adhesive away, but the paint guy convinces me to buy a particular solvent.  Which I purchase. And a scraper.


I go home, apply that, and low and behold it dissolves 99% of it, which scrapes off nicely.  Some solvent gets on my hands and burns, also requires emergency shower but whatever danger is my middle name.


Next I wash and clean it.  Soap, bucket, hot water, mop, and and hour and a half of going over the same spots a million times until dirty water gets at least only semi-dirty lol.  


Next I go back to home depot to look at stains and primers/etchers.  I spend like 30m in the aisle choosing my 1 or 2 products; learned a lot from browsing and googling.  I pick a stain out (“cinnamon bullshit”) and have the paint guy make up a batch for me.  And grab a huge container of Muriatic Acid (muhahaha).  They only had one size.

Go home, apply the acid onto the concrete.  (LSD joke in here somewhere?).  This etches the concrete.  Basically dissolves the top most layer so it is rougher and more willing to accept a stain.  And cleans it up as well.  

Then I have to spend forever washing the acid wash off.  Wish I had a wet/dry vac.  


Apply stain.  Whoa.  Darker then expected but looks pretty awesome still.


Looks very nice.  Realize I need a sealant.  Drive back to Home Depot (trip #3) and buy a sealant made for this purpose.  Plus waterproofing, which is a good idea to prevent future pee issues from mattering.  Yeah, that’s right, I have a motherflipping waterproof floor now.  


Applied the sealant with roller again.  And by roller, I mean a roller gaff taped to my Rode Boom Microphone pole.  Yeah, a professional boom mic pole, taped to the roller :D  Sure was comfy though!!  


Now it is drying.  I have all my living room furniture piled everywhere else crazylike.  Dog is unhappy she is cooped up with me in room.  Oh the horrors.  She is whining.  But I can’t let her run out all over it until tomorrow afternoon at least.  


Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.  Netflix, weed, and a nice belgium ale for now.  I saved a ton of money by going the route I did, long hard day of work and now I can blog about it on a super cool site while watching oh, Harrison Ford, you handsome man, why hello….