One more thing about the MindSay community (that stands out in my mind, at least) is how consistently it’s writers cut through the regular bullshit that seems to pollute the other social media sites these days.  I think always knew this before, but was never truly able to put it into words until now.  

I think those sites have their place.  But I think there can and should be a place for pundits to dig into issues in a more meaningful manner.  Which often includes criticism of established ways.  Which often requires more then 140 characters as a fellow MindSayer recently pointed out.


Words are how the world changes.  The right words being in the right place at the right time.


Editorials written into newspapers slowly nudging the population towards new and improved sets of values.


And interesting things written by interesting people that get shared and passed around.  


And this.


Oh, here is a fun thought I just had:


Every keystroke changes the world at least a little.


Same is true for lots of things, (every action, really, but lend me a metaphor for a second) but it deliciously works on so many levels; especially as a computer scientist :)


The mechanism has become commoditized, so it is the content that counts, more than ever.


Improving the world and being “positive” doesn’t always look rosy.  That’s the trouble with people that to blindly go through life “everything is awesome”; it simply isn’t an honest viewpoint or one consistent with reality, anyway; and those that don’t try to solve problems tend to be part of the problem in the first place.  




Tomorrow is Monday.  I am going to try and make it a productive week.  I will give it the strongest I’ve given it in a while.   



Phrasing.  Note to self: edit this post more later