Life is so weird.


Far weirder than adults led on to when raising us.


It really is a disservice telling us they have all it figured out.


I’ve enjoyed this clip a few times the last week:


Wisdom Of Youth - Alan Watts - YouTube [3m53s]


Sunday.  Getting ready for the coming week mentally.  Please be productive, self.


There is an open mic night nearby that I want to check out tomorrow night, Monday night.  I like to day dream I’m a comedian sometimes.  Twice now I’ve randomly ended up walking there – is that my subconscious trying to tell me something?


I’m going to observe like a fly on the wall, see what the signup process is like, how long the average performance is, what the political atmosphere is, and judge what kind of jokes I can get away with, etc. 


On Tuesday I am taking the dog to the vet.  First time, just for a checkup.  


Tuesday night I am hanging out with a boy I like.  I don’t know if it is a date or not.  Which I am more than okay with.  The number of fucks given decreases with age.  I just know that we enjoy hanging out.


We usually catch each other up on our projects, which often involving geeking out on electronics.  Then we cuddle in bed and spend the night together with nothing much else under the sheets.  


Its kind of nice, and a little different from the usual relationship.  And he smells nice.