A dream I had
Usually this spot is reserved for technology improvements on MindSay, but ...

I had a dream that Adam and I were published in "USA Day". "Mindsay puts blogs and pictures on cdrom CDROM 1 DISC" but I forgot to tell anyone about it, let alone the fact that we went to china to see Buddha. I thought the Keto temple was really cool because they played good techno music remixed with oldies songs. I remember the hotel bill. $397 for food, about the same for the room, but Adam was very upset that there was a leak in the corner of the room. I was more concerned about the $2080.00 concierge fee. We called the manager, but se said he had bigger problems ("all his customers were dying"). We made him come up anyway, and he did with some gruly dude who ripped his teeth out to show me how tough he was. They fixed everything and we left peacefully. China is cool.

The Bored Page was significantly improved.

Also, we are working on something really sick. Stay tuned.