A tradition of abuse

I have been struggling hard the past ten days or so.  Below is an open letter to my parents concerning the family still sending kids to the religious school system where I was abused.

Think about a lawyer arguing that his client is sorry; that he wishes for lenient sentencing for some crime. Then imagine the judge pointing out that the plaintiff was still actively committing the crime on a daily basis -- how truly sorry can such a person be?

We're sorry about the physical, sexual and psychological abuse I suffered as a result of Christianity, but we're still actively sending our kids through the same system.

So please excuse me if I say, no, I just cannot move on anymore. This is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

I would rather die then allow the irrational spread of harmful traditions in my own family without at least objecting.

Please send me the mailing addresses, e-mails, and ages of x, y, z. I will send each of them an open letter on their 10th Birthday, warning them about the harmful dangers of the belief in the supernatural.

As for my father, he scares me. He is a dishonest man that pulls objective morality from a holy book that is wrong and hurtful to others and judges others harsher then anyone I know. And he takes it very seriously. He scares me and whatever interest I had in reconnecting with him was lost with his last phonecall.

Please, please take out your bible and read Matthew 10 -- read the part where Jesus speaks about breaking up families and turning father against son. This is what you put your faith into; this is what you get. Don't act surprised when this sequence of events was predicted and spelled at for you in your own holy book.

My parents have always been religious, my dad a strict homophobic Catholic.  


My heart is crushed they still support such an oppressive regime.  It feels like such a betrayal.  Absolutely crushed.