About the number in the footer
Some of you may have noticed a number and a chart in MindSay's footer.
If you haven't seen it, scroll to the bottom of any MindSay page (the site itself, not a blog) and way down in the bottom in the blue is a faint almost hard to see chart.
I'd like to explain this and even get you excited by it, if I can.
This is the number of unique logged in users in the last 24 hours.  The chart is updated once a day, and the number is updated once an hour.  
When we started this exercise in restoring MindSay, the number was 41.  Now it is 59.
Why does this number matter to YOU?   As this number climbs, I will invest more of my time into MindSay.  This is how I can justify not working on other things.  The ideal scenario is the number climbs high enough that I can devote full-time efforts back into the site.
I think the number is especially cool considering that new account creation is disabled.  So the only way to make the number climb is by making existing users happier with the site.
So please join me in cheering as the number goes up :)  It is important to all of us.