An actual AOL hiring questionnaire
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As some of you know, I'm looking for a new day job.  Among the various responses to my online resume, AOL contacted me.  Granted, AOL has a pretty rotten reputation, but I thought it best to keep an open mind since the position actually sounded interesting (director for their “uncut video” website).  I replied and they sent me the following questionnaire:

Reason why you're looking for a new opportunity?

Please describe your responsibilities at your current position?


So far, out of the first two questions: the first is not a full sentence, and the second isn’t a question at all and therefore it shouldn’t have a question mark.  Granted, this isn’t too bad yet -- I’m just being picky, right?


*What is your knowledge of social media? Please explain in details.


Nice grammar.  Do they really want me to explain in detail my knowledge of social media?  That is a huge topic; I could literally write a book.  This is the first question that sets off warning bells in my mind. 


*What is your knowledge of the online industry?


Oh. My. God.  You want to know my knowledge of the online industry?  That is like asking a physicist what his knowledge of physics is.  Exactly what was the hiring manager hoping to prove by asking this question?


*Are you in touch with the latest in technology? e.g. Bloggs, uncut video etc?


Yes, I am.  By the way, you spelled “blogs” wrong.  Nor is it a proper noun. 


In is scale of 1-10, being 10 the highest, how would you grade yourself as a Project Manager? Why?


“In is scale” of 1-10…wow.


Why you think this is the ideal position for you?


Why you think grammar speak this way? 


What is your salary requirement?


It just doubled.