Bank of America: enrolls you in "Credit Protection Plus" without your permission
I called Bank of America to request a credit line increase. They asked me to enroll in the Credit Protection Plus program and I declined. But today they sent me this letter congratulating me on enrolling and explaining the program fees.
Last week, I received an offer in the mail from Bank of America for their "Credit Protection Plus" program.  You know - one of those lousy programs which offer you protection if you lose your job or get divorced.  They are a joke (as actually qualifying for relief is very difficult), and no financially wise person would enroll.

So, completely unrelated to the offer, I decided that I would request a credit line increase.  I grabbed the envelope and called the 800 number on it.  The nice lady asked me if I'd like to enroll in the Credit Protection Plus program, I kindly said no, but I'd like to request a credit line increase.  She said she'd be more then happy to help.  Five minutes later, I had been approved for an increase, and she wished me good day.

Today I received a letter - "Congratulations and thank you for enrolling in Credit Protection Plus."


I'm guessing my fatal mistake was to call the 800 number that came with the offer -- but in NO WAY does that give them permission to enroll me in the program.

The worst part is that this has happened to other Bank of America customers.  This person is just as angry as I am.  When she called in, they told her "I see that you were just enrolled last week. You should read through the benefits before deciding."  Ugh.  She clearly DECLINED the offer when she called up initially, then they argued with her when she wanted to cancel.

From another source, consumeraffairs.com:
"I received in the mail today (2/19/08) from Bank of America, a welcome package for the Credit Protection Plus Program linked to my Bank of America credit card. I never requested to be part of such a program, and after seeing that I would be charged monthly, 95 cents per $100 of my balance, I definitely wanted to end participation in this program and figure out why I had been automatically signed up for such a program without my consent. I called the program phone line: 1.888.668.6938. A representative told me that on 2/11/08, I had spoken to a representative about the program and opted into the program, thus I was receiving the welcome package and monthly charges would start soon."
Here is another one:
There is no way I signed up for Credit Protection Plus. After digging further, Bank of America uses a third party company called CIC which administers the plan. I was charged two big fees before realizing they fraudulantly enrolled me in the plan and the last charge pushed me over my credit limit which alerted the credit bureaus that I am over the limit.
As of now, for me, they told me the department that handles "those issues" is closed right now.  I was unable to leave a message for them, and they don't have e-mail ("sorry, we don't have that technology" - lol).  Funny that the department that enrolls you in the program seems to be open 24/7, though. 

UPDATE: I've created a Credit Protection Plus Fraud Resource Wiki at PBwiki.  If you've been victimized by BoA, add yourself to the list and lets get organized.