Big update (bonus dog video)

Looks like I’m not the only one with cute dog stories … BUT .. I taught my dog how to jump today!  As in, at the start of the day, she didn’t jump on command, and by the end, she did.  Game day bucket go boom.


Yesterday I took her to the creek nearby.  She got to get in the water too – which was only the second time I know of that happening in her life at all. She LOVED it and just ran around like the happy puppy she is.



Stressfull time of year for me.  My lease is up for renewal on 4/15, so I have only a couple of days to decide to move (where?!) or stay here with a 13% rent increase.  Its a lot of money to justify spending on a bedroom no thrills.  Location is good, but that’s why its expensive.  


I also have to do taxes.  Last year .. almost afraid to look at the numbers.  Anxiety -iety -iety life giving-iety but oh, yeah, anxiety….


EDIT: It’s now 4/18 and I’ve done taxes, renewed my lease, and um all sorts of stuff omg all the things.


A neighbor complimented my gold chain outside today.  And she loved Midnight.  It was very flirty but I was kinda stoned and just was putting all energy into maintaining a believable conversation, heh.   She left saying she was going in to grab another beer.  That would have been my opening to suggest grabbing something together at the place around the corner.  Toooooo stoned = fail lol. 


But, man, my dating life.  Got a good thing going there.  


First, helpful context to know, I am a bit of a departure from traditional normals on anything in this ball park.


You know what?  Let me just paste what I wrote for my OKCupid profile:

My ideal relationship would be to live in a poly-household of multi-gendered high-tech circus-friendly bisexual makers, builders and lovers, weaving complex power structures into social and bedroom dynamics while brewing beer, making robots, and discussing philosophy, neuroscience, and sharing DIY projects in the dungeon whilst writing books, hacking, and writing software that will change the world. Lovers and friends that get their hands dirty with life.

So. Yeah.  Learn something about Brian today? :D


Back to reality, though.  I’ve been seeing a guy, wow, since mid December!  Kind of awesome, almost 4 months now.


He is very much like me, a bisexual guy, very geeky engineer type.  Both of us with computer science backgrounds.   He has a girlfriend as well, that he lives with.  I’ve met her and we all get along well, she actually a geek too.  The three of us get along well together, too.  Spending the night with them is fun.  But this weekend, I went over to their place on Saturday, played Settlers and some other card game where you made fireworks collectively.  Just Board games and YouTube videos this time ;)


I’m trying to reconnect with my parents as well.  Shit fell apart last year that I’m patching up.


I drink too much.  And I smoke too much.  And eat too much.  But I’m betting better at all these things!!  Just climbing out of a fucking deep ass spiral.  Much worko do-o. :D