Burning Say 2017?

I enjoy camping.  


I have been camping in Black Rock Desert, NV, many times outside of the main Burning Man event.   (Black Rock Desert, population 0, becomes Black Rock City, population 70,000, once week a year, then it is all cleaned up and put away without a trace.).


During Burning Man, they cordon off a specific area, and create a city around it (complete with two hospitals, an airport, etc.).  They have special teams that stop people from sneaking in, using radar, lidar, night vision, dogs, you name it.  But this is all during the event.


The other 51 weeks a year (well, a bit less for Burning Man setup/teardown), it is open season besides that.  All free.  You can just live there if you want.  Shrug.


It is a very peaceful place.  And there are several natural hotsprings you can bathe in.  You might be a little cold in your tent at 2:00 am and decide to run naked to the hot spring, soak, then casually walk back as steam radiates off your body.


Maybe next year, sometime between May and July, it would be fun to take anyone from MindSay that wanted to go and spend a couple days camping in Black Rock Desert.    (We could do it now, but, only those that love 20 degree temperatures at night would enjoy it.)


I did some Time Lapse photography of the stars – and also recorded some video from my dashcam.



Driving out there is wild.  If you find tracks in the sand, you can put your vehicle’s wheels in the paths, and the car will steer itself – even at high speeds.  You can lock it in cruise control at 50mph, and take hands off the wheel and all controls – for several minutes!


My ex had her Birthday party out there one year.  Was fun.