CSS in MindSay v3
With v3, MindSay will take full advantage of CSS. This entry is for the more technical members of MindSay, and should be of special interest to anyone making themes for the site...

For those who aren't familiar, CSS is more then a means to style a page, it is an entire philosophy for separating style from the content. The HTML markup only holds text -- no formatting is done here. Good bye tables...

Turns out this will work really well for MindSay's blogs. We can (and will) have the system generate the same HTML for everybody. Yet everyone's blogs will look different -- how? The magic is done with CSS. Designers can define CSS stylesheets for our given HTML.

An example. http://www.csszengarden.com -- try the different styles. Each version of the page uses the same HTML, only the CSS changes.

While v3 isn't up yet, you can try your hand at making themes now. A sample HTML file (which you would NOT be able to modify) is located here. I have linked it to a sample CSS file I made, which, hopefully, you can do better ;)