Electronics Tinkering Night

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I hosted a small gathering ‘Electronics Tinkering Night’ at my apartment last night.  Nine people including myself.


It went well.


It was just something to do on a Tuesday night.  I served chips, salsa, guac, and beverages, no beer.

  • a tech writer from Apple
  • his black friend, who does chip design
  • an older engineer that has worked at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator) for 40 years (!)
  • the boy I like who smells nice (who is designing a new cable modem board)
  • an ex-twitter backend engineer and his girlfriend
  • that just left google (and happens to also be my ex) and his friend
  • a female php/java engineer at facebook

We had no formal agenda, the goal was just to get a group together and celebrate a shared interest (electronics).  I have some ideas for what kind of format would work for next time, if I do it again.  


Quote by Alan Watts: “You are under no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago.”