Finished home theatre
Jen and I finally finished the home theatre. Here are the pics:

sculproj 044

We installed 2 IKEA lights + recessed lighting from home depot. The walls and ceiling are painted a dark color (for best results while using the projector -- less ambient light is reflected back onto the screen). The sofa seats 4-5 people and fits perfectly. Everything is controlled by a wireless mouse + keyboard, plus one remote for everything else (including the lights!).

sculproj 046

We ran all speaker wire through the walls (Dobly 5.1). We built the screen - bought some wood and painted it black for a frame. The drywall was wet-sanded and painted a mixture of Behr UPW + Silver Screen. The screen is about 93 inches wide.

sculproj 051

Sanyo PLV-Z3. Connected to the HTPC via HDMI (100% digital).

sculproj 055

HTPC + receiver (connected via a single fiber optic cable).