Could someone please educate the ignorant? Sorry, but there are some things to life I just do not understand.

The Fox Network. It is widely known that their news programs bias towards the right/conservative/republican side of things. There are plenty of left/liberal/democratic news shows on other channels, but that's not my point. So Fox news is conservative. Fine. I get it. Maybe some Fox executive is very conservative and passes down orders. Maybe it just always was like that and they keep hiring like-minded people. Fine. But what's up with the programming? Pretty much everyone considers is the sleaziest of offerings ...

I'm not criticizing Fox's programming, I just don't understand the discrepancy. . Is Fox conservative or not? Am I simply confusing politics with something else? I swear I'm not though. Conservatives are always trying to get rid of the behavior and lifestyles that can be seen on Fox's programming.

UPDATE: Faithful reader (and significant other) Jen writes in: "they made fun of Fox for the same reason on the Daily show a coupla weeks ago!". Logically, that means I'm as funny as John Stewart!