I like fake gold, by the way.  I am the only one I know in my social circle that wears (again, fake) gold chains. Living in L.A. was a wild experience for me, and the gold is a way of connecting to that experience, as well as the music of Macklemore that I particularly enjoyed, he has a song about Gold.  


I think gold plated is better than real, because real gold is for rich bastards that want to hog wealth.  I just go out and buy them gold plated – costs $20 instead of $1200.  And looks just as good.  And such efficient use of gold!  Wear it! Enjoy it!  


Yeah I got my OWN style, ya feel’n me? ;D


I have three sets of gold colored heart shaped sunglasses.  Bought all three for $10 in Venice Beach where I lived. 


Here is a close up of the floor: (see yesterday’s post for details!)



Here is the room: (its the brown looking floor)