Gym locker-room design

Even after 8 years of going to the gym, it's still weird that there is often some naked dude in the shower stall next to me. While you can't make out anything in detail, you can still see the basic body shape and whatnot -- and this is all perfectly normal to people, apparently. Anyway - here's my plan..

Place the shower stalls in a line, but the entrance to each alternates between the men's and women's locker room areas. Each stall is frosted glass from floor to ceiling. The men's and women's areas are physically separated and not much else is different, the only difference is I'm not showering next to a dude.

It's fun, it's sexy, and the experience doesn't go beyond "PG-13" - about the same level as visiting a public beach. As long as a gym provided traditional showers for the timid on the side, I can see this actually working out at one of those 'hip' gyms...