Happy Hours

I used to host Happy Hours at Hacker Dojo.


I loved the Dojo so much.  I should share a little about this part of my past.


It has been difficult to think about since the loss of the Dojo has been so much to me.  When the Dojo fell apart (it still exists today, you can go in and visit etc, but it is only a shadow of its former self) I basically went into a downward spiral.  I’ve been picking up the peices ever since.


But I’m on a good kick right now and I can deal with a little Dojo history.


One Friday, I decided to make Mojitos for whomever wanted to stick around.  We’d have people come in during business hours and use the WiFi and work, a lot like Starbucks except our coffee is free.  It’s a non profit that survives on member dues.  People that like the place paid a monthly fee to support the space.  But anyone could use it. 


For the first Happy Hour, I think only two people showed up and had drinks.  


I actually don’t remember if I was disappointed or not.  Doesn’t matter.


Repeated the following week, or maybe the week after that, there was a group of 4 people working together that all joined in. 


The next week, the same group plus one or two joined.


I began sending e-mails out on the mailing list.


It grew.  Not fast, but not slowly, either.


Over a year, we had a regular crowd going.  Every Friday, rain or shine.  


It was the most fun I’ve had in my life.  Only compares to motorcycle riding I think.


A typical night would have 40-60 people coming in and out of a really awesome space.  It was a multi-unit warehouse that we had customized.  Oh my god.  It was a bunch of 20-and-30 somethings doing whatever they could because they could.  


I made Mojitos so many times we got sick of them.  Every other week I’d try making a fancy drink … times 30 people.  Then the odd week I’d just buy beer.  Beer and ice.  And chips. 


Our largest happy hour was the 2nd anniversary party.  We had about 600 people in and outside of the newly expand 4-unit warehouse.  One of the units had nothing in it but a bouncy castle, fog machine, and rave lights.  Two of the units were joined together for a massive party with a DJ stand built out on a stage.  And the warehouse doors opened up to the outside, people spilling into the parking lot, drinking and partying (legally).


There were four Mountain View Police cars in the area.  They kept a distance.  There were zero incidents and we never even saw them come out of the cars.  Mutual respect for the win.  But we partied hard.


At one point I remember being half naked, standing on top of the bus (more on this later) pouring wine out of the box into my mouth, spilling onto my face, my bare chest, down my legs and splashing down onto my friend below, while yelling “I AM GOLDEN GOD” (was trying to recreate the scene from ALMOST FAMOUS lol). Wow. Ego..!


Oh, the bus.  Yeah, one happy hour we were super drunk while one of us was browsing craigslist looking for a used car to buy.  She saw a bus for sale for $7000.  It was awesome.  It had a handicap lift!  Like a church shuttle.  


Long story short, we drunkly agree we should buy a bus.  It was suggested by someone that we get seven people to chip in $1000 each.  We were VERY drunk.  I went around the dojo getting 5 others to sign up.  We used a website to collect the funds on the spot.


...and next week 2 of the 7 went out and bought the bus. negotiated it down to $3500 – which meant we had $3500 EXTRA to spend on gas, maintenance, repairs, etc. 


The bus was awesome AS FUCK but sadly no longer exists.  Another story on bus later




Hacker Dojo Happy Hour

Rum and Coke, Tequila Sour

It’s the place With my friends

Hey this song Never ends


Hacker Dojo Happy Hour

Rum and Coke, Tequila Sour

It’s the place With my friends

Hey this song Never ends


Hacker Dojo Happy Hour

Rum and Coke, Tequila Sour

It’s the place With my friends

Hey this song Never ends


We had movie nights, gin tasting nights, halloween parties (plural), LAN parties, knitting circles, sewing circles, circus arts (I taught aerial silks for 2 years!), a motorcycle club (seriously), 3d printing, laser cutting, birthday parties, people met eachother at the Dojo and got married, people moved to Mountain View because Hacker Dojo was there, it became a tourist stop, holy shit.


Hacker Dojo.


Was awesome.


But yeah Happy Hour started with 2 people.  Will never forget.  


I ended up delegating the happy hour to others by the end.  I even wrote up a guide on how to run happy hour:




Here some pictures: (bonus: includes some mostly naked NSFW pics of me! and that’s me on the silks.  wish I looked that good now!)