Inviting more users

Ready for some more activity on the site?


I’m now e-mailing a bunch more old users today and tomorrow (Sun/Mon), and after that I will have the system keep inviting them very slowly but surely over the next few months.  Or thereabouts.  Why?  Because I want us to grow carefully, with purpose, and direction.  I love this community and want to maintain quality over quantity.  Let’s grow at a pace that is right for us.


Somewhat impressively, MindSay has almost 189,000 users.  All of which were created over six years ago; account creation was shut off in March of 2010.  I don’t know any website with such a funny history or story.  <3


Anyway, there are many duplicate e-mail addresses in that list, quite a few marked as unsubscribed, some accounts marked deleted, some marked as spam, and some e-mails have been marked as bouncing or inactive.  That leaves 70,868 users with unique e-mail addresses.  


I could, for example, invite the original “4400” users back (picking that number just because there is a cool TV show about 4400 people randomly showing up next to a lake) this weekend, then 500 people a day for the next 132 days or so.  Or whatever rate feels right for our community at the time.  I’m going to add a status bar at the top of the site so you can watch the progress, including who the most recent user to get invited back was ;)