Late night server cloning
Tags: mindsay
Each MindSay web server is generally identical, so when one dies, it gets cloned:

Steps: 1) Replace the defective disk 2) Borrow a drive from one of the other web servers (pictured above) 3) use "dd" to clone the disk bit-for-bit 4) boot it up and change the hostname/IP.

The whole process is fairly easy.  What would have been easier ... and would have saved about 4 hours of late night troubleshooting ... if the disk-copy-over-network method would have worked:  1) Replace defective disk 2) Boot with linux rescue disk 3) Use rsh to pipe the output of "dd" from another web servers disk to the local disk 4) Boot up, change hostname/IP.

That method is much less fuss, you don't have to take down another web server to pull it off.  Why didn't this method work, you ask?  You can't really use "dd" to copy a mounted/running filesystem. 


So sue me, I forgot to smile. It's 5am :)