Lost accounts and forgotten passwords
Lost account access? If you have an account with both password and e-mail forgotten or lost, previously there was no recourse; the account would be stuck in limbo.  So I've made a feature to start a "reviewal" process.
(The old "forgot password" system still works and hasn't been changed.)
The form costs $5. Credit cards will only be charged once your submission is approved (you must certify that you have the rights to it).  
But for anyone reading this message in the next day or so, we'll give it FREE.  Just enter "4242 4242 4242 4242" for credit card number, and any reasonable expiration date and such.  Use a real e-mail address because you will get e-mailed the new password once approved.  Just be aware there might be bugs, so please let us know if you get an error screen or unexpected behavior.  
Thank you and hope many people enjoy this free beta test!
Here is the link:
-With love
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