MindSay Community Team
Here is the idea:  We need a good group of dedicated MindSay users to help with community issues such as flagging spam.  But note we're still only in the first stages of collecting applicants. 
To qualify, you must have joined MindSay before 2009, and must have blogged at least once in at least three different calendar years (such as 2008, 2009, 2010).  Join here.  We would ask that you only sign up if you plan to help out ;)
Furthermore, once you are in, you also flag your peers in the group -- its possible there are spammers on MindSay since 2008, so we want to make sure you have the ability to stop them from joining this community group!  Vote "up" the people you know and trust, and vote "down" spammers if you see them.  (Don't vote someone down just because you don't like them, or disagree with them.)
Finally, if you have multiple MindSay accounts, please only join with one.  Duplicate applications will result in disqualification of ALL your accounts.  
Anyway, "go us" :)
The system may evolve over time, and we'll have to work out some details.  We want a system that is fair, doesn't let any one person cause trouble, etc.  I suspect we will look back and see this has improved the site in a few months :)
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