MindSay moved 3000 miles last night
Just wanted to share a little story about MindSay's servers :)

I moved from Virginia to California earlier this month, and took 1/2 of MindSay's servers with me.  These babies were setup beautifully - with MySQL replicating all user information across the country in realtime.  Basically, we had planned to 'flip the switch' sometime next week to have MindSay instantly just start serving pages from the CA datacenter.  But as luck would have it, one of our servers in Virginia failed last night.  Talk about crappy timing.

To make a long story short, we flipped the switch a little early, to continue "almost" uninterrupted service of the site.  (It wouldn't have been wise to continue operating in a degraded-failure mode in VA).  In any event, some user pictures were temporarily out of sync, but our distributed architecture let us restore everything fairly quickly, despite the loss of the server.

With exception of picture uploads (which should be operational in a couple days), everything should be back in order already.  Let me know if anything is out of whack or slow, and we'll take care of it. :)