MindSay now accepting new, paid accounts

Effective today, here are the exciting changes:

  • All existing users continue free service.
  • New users can sign up for free (and setup a profile, comment on blogs) but Publishing ability will cost $18.00/year.
  • New users will be able to join the site, setup a profile, and comment on blogs but not Publish.
  • The publish part is what I want to focus on; to make a great platform for writing.
  • New users may sign up here: www.mindsay.com/create.mws.
  • Existing users, if they want to support MindSay at the same rate, may do so here: www.mindsay.com/subscribe.mws.  There is no expectation that anyone do this, however.  I thank you for using the site regardless.  Thank you.

Only accounts that are active RIGHT NOW are eligible for the comped accounts. Deleted accounts, even if undeleted or revived, are not eligible.