MindSay updates

So much happening on MindSay this weekend!

  • We officially launched the "block user" feature. This has to be the single-most demanded feature ever.
  • We released the beta of MindSay Map - a really cool feature that we made just because we could. Privacy note: The map will not reveal anyone's precise location - we skew the markers by a few miles.
  • We released the beta of the New Network Page! A lot of work has gone into it, but we are still open to feedback. We want to give everyone the chance to speak before we change anything.  Briefly, with the new page:
    • We have improved the appearance and functionality of the network
    • You can change your friends' categories with 2 clicks
    • Instantly see which of your friends lists you as a friend
    • You can add & edit your own friend categories!
    • Stop certain people from showing up in "Recent Updates"
    • Added new info to the profile, such as your last login and how long you have been a member