Mission Statement

MindSay user monkeybites brought up an important point, about the About page being out of date.  Way way out of date, not touched in a decade!


He asked, what’s our Mission?


I’ve been thinking about that for a year, actually.  I made this post exactly one year ago today, on February 27th :)


Looking back at what I thought made MindSay great before, as well as a few important experiences in my life recently, have led me to focus on the importance of writing.  


Previously, MindSay’s Mission was a little too broad, in my opinion and with the benefit of after sight.  The website started collecting features left and right.  I would like this new direction to focus on this one thing:


MindSay's mission is to enable the writer within ourselves.


I would like MindSay to be a platform for writing.  


The publishing a.k.a. blogging system would be at the core of that.


MindSay, however, adds a unique community layer on top of that.


And that is what I think MindSay should be about.


What do you think?