my story

I think trying to write my life story was a little overwhelming.


Maybe I should just write what I can when I can, and put things together later.



The short of it is I am recovering from some intense shit.  


I had a kinda downward spiral of sorts.  It was fairly epic.  I went to jail in like, multiple countries, including Panama, which seems relevant with current events somehow.  


I learned a lot about who I am and what I actually care about along the way.



Call it a 1/3rd life crisis of sorts.


Fast forward to now, I’m just trying to live a balanced life … moderation and that sort of thing.  Yet with the quirks that make up Brian.  


And, oh, I spent a good part of the day getting a new feature to work, you can now paste images into the editor!  So you can find something online, right click, choose “copy image”, then paste it into the editor here, and it will use imgur to upload.


I actually extended theimgur plugin, and like a good hearted developer, I will push back the changes on github because yay open source software :)