NSFW x 100

Model: Asia Star

Photographer: dustball


This post contains pictures and text of an adult sexual nature (!!!).  Do not read if you are under 18 or currently operating heavy machinery.  Do not read if you are affronted by strong BDSM themes or the social taboo of men being submissive to women.


This is a saved writing I have from 2013.  Pictures are posted with permission.


The photoshoot and the story happen a couple weeks apart, but I’ve blended them together for the sake of art.  But yes, the woman in the story is the woman photographed here.  Myself, the photographer, am the victim of her delicious abuse as described in intricate erotic detail below.



Asia Star is a very intelligent person and we had a great time working together on the photoshoot under a bridge nearby my apartment.  It’s one of my favorite places to be.  Lots of graffiti. 



Writing Begins: Asia Star and I had been talking the past week or two about exploring my submissive side. This is an area I have played around with in the past, but by far haven't had as much experience as I'd like. I'm a noob there, to be honest. Most of D/s experiences have been with women, and as a switch myself, I found myself in the dominant role due to simply a matter of supply & demand.


Asia did an outstanding job of negotiating the play ahead of time over e-mail. Lots of attention to detail, covering safety issues, how to handle any triggers, what aftercare I need, etc. 



We had originally planned to go to a pansexual play event in Oakland Friday night, but decided against it since we hadn't played together before, and doing so in a relatively public environment like that may or may not be ideal. We hit up a new sushi joint in Redwood City for dinner (where I was already slipping into the subby mindset: "Er, well, why don't you just make all the decisions regarding what to order..."). But otherwise we were just hanging out as friends at this point. No other real D/s undertones or hints of things to come.


Back at her place, I'm told to wait on the couch.


Mmm. Nervous. Excited.


How will it go? What will happen? We had communicated quite a lot about what would work for both of us, but the deck is entirely in her hands at this point and she holds all the cards.


Exactly how it should be.


She sits down next to me, makes a few comments how I look like a little boy.


Looks like I have my tail between my legs.


God. So hot.



Flip over. Pants down. Lay across my lap. Commence the spanking.


(This was a great way to start things off in the living room.)


"Ohh, you made my leg nasty with your dribbles. Clean it up." she says. Indeed some precum has found its way onto her leg. "That's a good dirty boy."



She asks if I'm expecting any sexual release tonight. "Not that it matters what your preference is", she says, "I'm just curious." I tell her no, and she mentions she may or may not have interesting plans in that regards.


I'm instructed to go to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. Here starts about 45 minutes of some medium-intensity impact play. Some highlights include a half dozen clothesline pins on my chest and nipples. Left there for a good 10 minutes -- than painfully smacked off one-by-one with a riding crop. Some came off easier then others, which added an evil twist of unpredictability to the scene. One of them was so damn stubborn, it took about 2 full minutes of HARD smacking to free it. God damn.



Asia puts on some new leather gloves. Very slender, very sexy. The smell is intoxicating. At times she would shove her one hand under my nose, with the other hand smacking me sending pain neurons firing ping ping ping. What a wonderful experience.


On the backside, I'm hit three times, hard, with a wooden paddle. "Touch it. Familiarize yourself with what will be hurting you." I grab the cold, hard wood, and inspect it. It large letters, the paddle says "ASIA STAR". Will this play leave her name spelled out across my ass?



Then some focused abuse on my inner thighs with a fish turner. Yes, the kitchen utensil. Makes a very evil noise when smacked onto skin. Lots of communication here. Keeping things in line. But it hurt. And I liked it.


"Now, I want you to masturbate in front of me. Finish on yourself." she instructs. She climbs on top of me, straddling me and facing me, teasing me with her pussy just out of reach of my cock and behind her panties.



LOTS of very dirty talk. "Finish on yourself like the pig you are." Five minutes later, I do finish, and Ms. Evil grabs my hand and uses it to smear my juices all over my chest, up and down, carefully covering ever square inch of flesh and chest hairs.


A damn sexy scene.


Aftercare: cuddles. And sleep.