I might be working on a feature called, “OMG, DRAFTS!” at the moment.  


Drafty McDraftyface wouldn’t fit in the UI.


The feature should be very easy to use.  Worked most all of the day on it.  I will need to work a total of three days on it I estimate, if I don’t run into big problems.


I think you all will like it. 


Hugs and “happy” Monday :)



The feature is ready for testing!


I invite you to check out http://www.mindsay.com/superpost2.mws


That version of the editor has the ability to load & save multiple drafts :)


Even works on mobile.


The feature has as minimal and simple a UI as possible.  When the page loads, it won’t even show up unless there actually is a draft saved.  It can be shown (or hidden) with the ‘Drafts’ button, the very last button on the second row next to the “Source” button.


Please let me know if you find any issues, weirdness, or just comments – thank you!


Lastly, I also hid the Tags line as an experiment (you can click the word ‘Subject’ and it will reveal the Tags line for now).  I don’t think Tags make as much sense when the site is small again, and not many people are using them.  I might be wrong about this so TBD.