see who is opening your word documents
I had a hand in making this site, let me know what you think? :)

DocChaser.com is a document tracking tool -- it is kinda neat actually.  What it does is give you a blank word document, you put your content in it, and then you send it off...

...then it tells you when it is opened!  It can show you a map of the United States (or wherever) and show you all the places that opened the document.  And a list of each time it was opened.

This is useful:
  • to see if & when people open your resume
  • to see who is opening your resume (it tells you the hostname)
  • to see if your boss actually reads the documents you send him or her :)
  • for fun!
Anyway, let me know what you think.  You don't need to make any sort of account to try it.  Any other interesting uses come to mind?