You wake up and snow is covering the ground.  There is no way your friend is still having her engagement party, right?  She isn't answering her phone, and the roads are crap.  We'll just stay home and relax.  No rush to buy any gift today.

Six o'clock comes and the roads start looking better.  Hmm.  Rinnnng.... Rinnng.. Hello? Party is still on? Yeah, of course we'll be there. 

No problem we'll just stop at the mall and

pic 011

pic 010

OH MY GOD WHERE IS EVERYBODY?  All the stores are closed.  I have to assume the only reason the security gaurds left the doors unlocked was to see our pathetic faces as we attempt to buy an engagement gift. 

Well, the party was interesting anyway.  Once your youngest friend gets married, that kinda puts the pressure on.  Thanks a lot D...