Spanish does not help

For years, I thought if I only spoke Spanish, I'd be able to get my orders perfect at Chipotle.  And I don't mean that in a jerk-racist-white-guy-kinda-way, I mean it in the cultural-aware-wanna-be-moron-white-guy-kinda-way.  The burrito lady never has any idea what I am talking about.  If we could only break that language barrier, think of the walls we could break down!  Yes - I want all of the sauces.  Somebody has to be a revolutionary. 

So today the person behind me gave the order in Spanish.  It is a good thing there were behind me, too, and not in front of me because I would have had to kill them.  It took several minutes to place the order.  I can't possibly imagine what they were talking about all that time.  A ton of confusion, that I know.