Starting another 30-day challenge

The last 30 days, ending yesterday, was quite the experiment.


It started on August 12th.  On day one, I quit drinking.  And on day two, I added a new habit (in particular, I would put on my running shoes and run across the street with them on). 


By day thirty, I was very busy (and tired).


I initially hoped to keep every single goal, all 465 of them (1 + 2 + 3 + … + 30).  


I ran into technical failures at first, when I quit smoking, my vape gear needed replacement parts and such, so there were a few false starts and emergency packs of cowboy-killers interspersed.  And my scale broke (I put the batteries in backwards and the display fritzed out even even after batteries were corrected.).


I tried my best.


I ended up spending a lot of time working on MindSay, all behind the scenes.  Ended up breaking things and not noticing in the process. It happens.  It will get worse before it gets better.  


In the end, I failed.  A lot.  But I also succeeded a lot.  A lot a lot.


Thirty one days ago I was a hot mess.


By yesterday, I was more than half a new person.


  • I went from “no running at all” – really the last time I ran was in 2015, and even that was pathetic – to running 5Ks – multiple days in a row – with my dog – with 7.5lbs of extra weight strapped on my back.  
  • Haven’t had a drink since
  • Wake up 8:30am, cook breakfast by 9:30am


You know what, fuck it, let me just paste from my spreadsheet:


 Fri Aug 12    207.8        Quit drinking
 Sat Aug 13    205.8        Put on running shoes and cross the street
 Sun Aug 14    206.4        Wake up by 8:30AM
 Mon Aug 15    205.6        All bills paid, mail, IRS, and paperwork-zero
 Tue Aug 16    206.8        Cook full breakfast by 9:30AM
 Wed Aug 17    208.2        Quit ciggarettes, started vaping
 Thu Aug 18    208.6        Record video or edit video
 Fri Aug 19    209.2        No marijuana before afternoon run
 Sat Aug 20    209.2        Keep car trash free
 Sun Aug 21    208.2        Plan next day (and next week on Sundays)
 Mon Aug 22    207.4        Clean desk & kicthen before going to bed
 Tue Aug 23    206.6        Meditate daily
 Wed Aug 24    204.4        Add one track to my YouTube Happy Music playplist
 Thu Aug 25    204.4        Healthy snacks only (except popcorn once in a while)
 Fri Aug 26    204.6        Laugh really good
 Sat Aug 27    204.0        Be mindful of a challenging moment 
 Sun Aug 28    207.4        Take a break on Sundays
 Mon Aug 29    205.0        Ask a friend how they are doing (anything but e-mail)
 Tue Aug 30    205.2        Make the bed by noon
 Wed Aug 31    202.0        Extra 7.5lbs extra weight on longest trip
 Thu Sep 01    201.8        Brush teeth 3x day
 Fri Sep 02    202.6        Update spreadsheet first thing in the morning
 Sat Sep 03    201.8        No more than one basket from laundry zero
 Sun Sep 04    200.8        Sunday break day
 Mon Sep 05    199.2        No weed until 4:20pm
 Tue Sep 06    202.2        Change my home until I'm happy with it without spending money


Things fell off the rails on the 7th with my scale breaking, and the above doesn’t contain my notes about what worked and what didn’t, so please don’t think I accomplished everything stated above.  I am only human.


But the next 30 days, I know what I am doing.


I am repeating the same tasks.   I am doubling down and trying to keep the same habits, with a focus on honesty, practicality, and sustainability.


And, for the love of god, I need to quit weed for a while.  Just to declare victory and move on.  I can bring MJ back again once I’ve earned it.