The making of MindSay, part 2
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Do you remember the early MindSay days?  We had channels. Each channel was dedicated to a few topics such as money, sports, entertainment, technology, etc. Each page had a header image. Here are a few of the final headers to refresh your noggin:

Since MindSay doesn't rip-off content from the web without crediting artists (LIKE EVERYONE ELSE), we actually made those images. It was fun, albeit ridiculous.

We took two photos of the toaster. One with my Palm Pilot & network card in it, and OFF. Next photo, we removed all that then turned it on. Again, photoshop used to combine the images.


Top view of a random plastic lizard sitting on a bunch of coins placed in a toaster oven tray. We didn't use this angle.


Q42 was the under-21 channel on the old site. We printed out a fake tattoo and used an exacto-knife to cut out the text. We left some white areas in since it would have been too hard to cut lines that thin. Photoshop, again, fixed that problem.


A few extra shots were taken of our helper/model, of course, to establish proper white balance and shutterspeed...