Totally pulled a super trooper move

Our story begins: Alright, so I’m out walking the dog and I smell some pretty strong cheeba being smoked; so strong is must be very close by, I think.  The end of my street is a good “quiet part of town” spot for anyone that wants to park somewhere and not be seen by a tone of people.  Some people live in their cars, like some RVs, etc.  Some people also just drive in to eat their taco bell, smoke some weed, a combination of both or maybe just a nap on company time in your truck.  You get the idea.  


I spot the car, it’s got four Latino dudes in it, seats reclined just chillin.  I approach the car from the back and kinda sneak up on them:


“Hey!  There’s a grandma over there,” I boldly state and I frantically motion to the treeline that separates the parking lot from the woods, “she’s looking for the cookies,” I add, “all over the place.  it’s really crazy.”


I continue motioning towards the woods, eyes wide as if I saw some crazy shit.  They just looked at me in awe.  Not a word said.  Not a syllable.  I’m already walking away at this point, walking past the side of the car to the front and continuing straight ahead to my apartment.


“So many cookies, chocolate chip…,” I yell back over my shoulder.


I shrugged my shoulders dramatically and walked home.