Truman show
Finally got around to watching "The Truman Show". When I saw the previews years ago, I knew it would be something that I would find interesting, but I only recently got around to watching it.

I enjoyed it, like expected.

If this were to happen in real life, if people were to go through all that trouble to make a fake reality for someone (for the purposes of a TV show or not), wouldn't you want to screw with it a LOT more just to see how the person would react? For instance, yes, wouldn't it be more interesting to see what would happen if you brought someone up in an environment where they were extremely well taught and educated on all subjects except math -- so much so that you never mention any numbers or bring up the concept of them.

I.e. seriously, if everyone else in your reality are just actors, they could teach you many things about literature, love, etc., but just don't make any mention of: numbers, math, counting, etc. Never use words like "many". How would such a person view the world? Would they necessarily invent the concept themselves? At what age?

The town should definitely have a crazy religion. Have everyone DEEPLY into it. Have it be really crazy and see how long before young Truman raises issue with it. Or would he just accept it?