Unofficial Wiki

I just mailed a few of MindSay's old helpers about something exciting MindSay is going to do for a FAQ/support system. Keep in mind this isn't officially launched or anything, but we shall soon have ...

A wiki.

If you have used a wiki before, you might guess how we are going to use it for help. If you have never used a wiki , it is a very dynamic system where anybody can contribute. Instead of boring you to death, let me just show you:


As you click around on various topics, you will notice each page has an "Edit" link at the bottom. If you click this, you can change the page to say whatever you want! You can create new pages very easily as well (and PLEASE do!).

A few tips:

  • To create a new page, just link to another one by saying its title LikeThis (all words capitalized, no sapces). It will automatically be converted into a link to a new page.
  • Use your current mindsay username/password to login to the wiki.
  • There are no rules! Make any changes you want, as long as you think it will benefit the wiki.
  • The wiki isn't linked from MindSay just yet -- pretty soon though, once it gets enough information on it.

Have fun, and please let me know what you think!