Update - More Changes Needing Beta Testing

I invite you all to beta test the following page -- a newer version of the Publish Blog page essentially --

http://www.mindsay.com/superpost.mws (the url is meaningless and only for testing)

The page is very under construction and shouldn't be considered anything remotely final.

But it should be mostly functional, with some exceptions noted below.


  • New rich-text editor (ckeditor) using latest and greatest web technologies to provide a modern, reliable and responsive editing experience.  I have used this editor on other projects  before and it ROCKS.  

    • Please keep in mind this editor is mostly unconfigured, so don't panic about missing features or weirdness within the editor yet

    • Notice: Yes, you can publish a new blog post with it, but output may (will?) come out unexpectedly, especially with newlines, paragraphs, and styling getting stripped out on publish.  This is because the editor isn't fully integrated yet, simple as that :)

    • Draft saving/loading should work :)

  • New styling on publish form, combining 2016 and retro look IMO.

  • Completely rewritten header and footer (html wise) for modern browsers and faster loading times -- still had images in there for rounded corners and such!

    • please let me know if the site looks weird on your browser, possibly send me a screen shot please

    • page should load FAST

  • Wider work area, got rid of latest comment and quick links sidebar

  • Custom CSS for (Attempted) Mobile Support (!)

    • Goal: try to load the page sensibly on phones and other devices with smaller screens

    • Please let me know how the page works with your device, I haven't tried iPhone yet but Android looks good for me

    • Haven't tried on tablets - feedback / screenshots please? :)

  • Cleaner code, not that it helps the users per se :)

Let me know what you think!  It's not too late to make changes. Speak up! :)

PS: I made the post using this tool (after copy & paste from Gmail)