Welcoming the new old people

Over the years, MindSay accumulated 185,000 accounts, and I e-mailed the “first 400” of them today, inviting them to check out the new digs.


I imagine our “relaunch” to be a long process, instead of forcing changes upon people overnight.  I’ll work with the users, a little here, a little there, until we get a site we really enjoy using.  And I’ll continue to invite more people – slowly – so we can grow at an appropriate rate.  We’re going for quality, not quantity, this time.  I’ve also deactivated my Facebook and will be using MindSay exclusively.


Time to take pride in MindSay again and give it the best shot for success we can :)


Anyway, please say hi! to any new (er, really old) usernames popping up :)