Working on something fun for MindSay!

So…. Monday was the big night and I gave the stand up comedy thing a try at the local Open Mic night :)


My performance was … medium bad?  LOL.  Hey, I did it.  I feel good.  I had good moments and bad moments.  I’m already excited to try again.


And you know what?  For the rest of my days, I will never wonder what it would be like to give a try at doing stand up :)  


It is not the critic that counts.


I might write more about it later, the whole experience makes for a good story, but for now I’m actually busy behind the scenes on a neat little MindSay thing.  It is funny when I have to choose between writing on MindSay, i.e. using the site, and actually working on it and building it.  I <3 MindSay.


Love you all.